We Help Active Adults Quickly Get Back To Their Favorite Workouts And Activities Without Fear Of Reinjury Or Surgery

We are an exclusive cash-based Physical Therapy clinic in the Seaport at 320 Congress St that specializes in working with active adults to help them live the lifestyle they've always dreamed of without being limited by pain.

We're opening in July 2024 and are offering an exclusive deal as part of our wait list pre-sale. Everyone who signs up before opening will get exclusive updates about the clinic and space, first dibs on limited openings and 50% off an initial evaluation once open. Click the button below to leave your info and take advantage of this deal!


We are health and wellness specialists

We specialize on getting people back to baseline, then sustainably raising their baseline for lifelong health and wellness. We believe that being strong and pain-free is key to a healthy lifestyle, and we specialize in helping people become the best version of themselves.


Why choose us?


Whole Body Approach

We use an approach that takes the entire system into account, not just the body part that hurts.



We offer one-on-one sessions for a full hour with a Doctor of Physical Therapy. We don't use Aides, Assistants, or other cost-cutting methods.


Fully Customized Program

We tailor each and every program specifically to your needs, we don't use cookie-cutter or generic programs.


Beyond Pain

Using our three step method, we go beyond traditional physical therapy and don't stop when you get out of pain. We take steps to move the needle forward and make you the healthiest version of yourself.

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